Welcome to the FlyingTuna memorial!

This page was done by Khloe Wong.

Unfortunately, an osu player by the name of FlyingTuna has left to the military for a year and a half. The creators of this website, Khloe and Natalia, are really big in osu. This website was named after him and created on the day of when he left. Mad respect to the top player, and here is his memorial until he is back :(

flying tuna the osu player
flying tuna and annie profile picture
tuna sashimi
Some of Flying Tuna's Best Plays

*PP = performance points *FC = full combo
Song Accuracy PP
Wizard's Tower - Loki 97.36% FC 1001 PP
true DJ MAG top ranker's song - sabi 99.01% 322 PP
Black Rover - Vickeblanka 98.88% FC 822 PP
Blade Dance - Ni-Sokkususu 98.07% 745 PP
Make a Move - Icon For Hire 97.78% FC 625 PP

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