Asian Food

Travelling through all the continents... must be lucky hm? Next stop: Asia. AND... all its different cuisines and tastes. Countries have their special/well-known dish, and we will talk all about that. Try not to get hungry.

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Table of Contents: Countries in Asia

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  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. Vietnam
  4. South Korea
  5. India
  6. Thailand
  7. Cambodia
  8. Philippines
  9. Indonesia
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Sushi. We've all heard of it. Maybe not all of us have tried it. Even though this is not Japan's national dish... it is by far the most popular and famous dish of Japan. There are tons of different types of sushi: rolls, hand rolls, sashimi (raw fish), masago, and more. Add a little bit of wasabi for spice, maybe some unagi and soy sauce, then you're good to go!

sashimi and sushi platter


Something that everyone could contribute an ingredient to: Hotpot! This method of cooking food is a very fun way to eat food with people you know. It is a large pot of soup that boils over a fire and you put ingredients in it to cook. A famous restaurant that does hot pot is called Boiling Point. Though, hot pot is usually extremely unhealthy so try not to eat too much.

 boiling point hot pot


Soup. Noodles. Meat. And vegetables. Pho is The Dish of Vietnam. A perfect balance of soup, noodles, and meat. Sometimes it includes herbs like mint and basil. It's sold in households, street stalls, and restaurants. It was introduced after the Vietnam War, and became a very popular dish.

pho with beef, onions, and ginger

South Korea

Something we've all heard of: Bulgogi. It's the most popular Korean dish. It includes thinly sliced meat that has a spicy and sweet flavor. There are three typical ways of cooking and enjoying the dish: grilled, broiled, or stir-fried. The meat is usually accompanied with lettuce wraps and something called gochujang, which is a spicy red pepper paste.



Flatbread. Now there are many different ways to make flatbread with tons of different styles and flavors. Roti is a round flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent made from stoneground whole wheat flour, traditionally known as gehu ka atta, and water that is combined into a dough. Roti is consumed in many countries worldwide.

indian roti


Tom yum soup is a very famous type/flavor of soup in Thailand. Tom yum or tom yam is a type of hot and sour Thai soup, usually cooked with shrimp. Tom yum has its origin in Thailand. The words "tom yam" are derived from two Thai words. Tom refers to the boiling process, while yam means 'mixed'.

tom yum soup


Now, this one may not be as popular nor as well-known as the other dishes but it's famous among Cambodians. Samlor korkor. While amok is sometimes called the country's national dish, and might be the one most familiar to tourists, samlor korkor has a better claim to being the true national dish of Cambodia. It has been eaten for hundreds of years and today can be found in restaurants, roadside stands and family homes alike.

samlor korkor


Chicken adobo. Now that's something we've heard of before, but what about the Filipino adobo? It is often called the national dish of the Phillipines and, without a doubt, the most famous Filipino dish. The flavor is created using vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and black pepper.



Now a lot of people love this at first sight: Fried rice! Friend rice, also known as Nasi Goreng, is considered Indonesia's national dish. This dish originated from Padang, Sumatra. Padang food is famous for its spicyness and richness in flavor, which definitely shows in its fried rice!

indonesian fried rice

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